Sharon asks…

excessive hair loss information?

what is Theologian delusion, My sister almost died after contacting Legionaries disease. Now she is loosing a lot of hair. The message she left me was hard to hear so can you help me out. I am also a hairdresser of 34 yrs. Please help!

Helen answers:

Theologian’s delusion. If God exists, did he not know in advance that people would disbelieve and create disasters ? If he did not realize that, then he does not even understand his own creation. If he did, then must we not hold such a being accountable for every single evil ever made on Earth ? That means this god is the single most evil, depraved being in all of existence !

Do you seriously believe that this Earth was made by a good being ? Look around you, switch the TV on and listen to the news, or go to a hospital and see for yourself. This Earth did not come from a sky-fairy brandishing its magic wand. This Earth is the result of natural processes.

Diabetes often leads to diffused hair growth that could be a result of medical stress or side effects of certain prescribed medicines to diabetics. It usually depends on the individual’s body, as each person responds differently to specific medications. The stress caused by chronic diabetes reduces the growth of hair.

After a period of seven to eight months, hair follicles undergo a resting period and are gradually replaced with the growth of new hair. The replaced strands push the old hair to the surface of the scalp, and the hair falls out, this is known as telogen effluvium.

An autoimmune problem:

The other cause of hair loss due to diabetes is an autoimmune problem, which leads to one or more small bald patches developing on the scalp. This ailment is called alopecia areata.

Other additional autoimmune problems like a dysfunctional thyroid gland, the skin rash vitiligo, pernicious anemia, or Type 1 diabetes, often accompanies it.

Take care

Lizzie asks…

amino acids to grow taller?

Has anyone tried it?

on this website

it says There are two unnatural ways to increase growth hormone level:

1) Using growth hormone – releasing products like glycine, glutamine, agrinine, ornithine, niacin, and 16 other amino acids which you can get with or without a prescription. Such substances and drugs are usually used by body builders. They are also useful for elderly people to increase their growth hormone level. Some of them are good for boosting immunity, protecting the liver, fighting cancer, helping rebuild body tissue after surgery or trauma, and many other treatments.

Because amino acids help produce growth hormones, some of them, with proper exercises, may be taken to increase your growth. However, I would not recommend doing this self-treatment without medical supervision, especially for children. Any of these drugs has to be taken with proper dosage and some of them with other drugs or nutrients. Improper usage may cost you serious problems.

Also, there are many side effects from using these products: diarrhea, low toxicity, headache, drowsiness, muscle spasms, dizziness, high blood pressure, nervousness, depression, hair loss, gaining weight, and many more.
So, be careful!

2) Another unnatural way to increase growth is the man-made growth hormone received by series of injections (which cost from $12,000 to 18,000 per year), prescribed after careful evaluation of a person’s growth pattern and growth potential. These injections may help you to grow, but inducing growth too quickly may inhibit later growth.

In addition, unnatural growth hormones may produce other various side effects including: high cholesterol, diabetes, liver abnormalities, increased tissue stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, musculosketal disease, neuropathy, allergic reactions, pancreatitis, hyperglycemia, visual deterioration, headaches, vomiting, increased liver enzyme levels, increased sweating, edema, pain in general and back pain specifically. Pick the one you prefer. If you receive these injections, your body will adapt to this drug and will refuse to produce natural growth hormones after you stop receiving injections.

Helen answers:

After reading your excellent comments on amino acids and HGH, if anyone wants to try them out for growing taller then they will know what the dangers are as you have pointed them out.

Good on you for posting this information. Hopefully it will discourage would be users of amino acids and HGH.

David asks…

how to prevent hair loss and white hair?

white hair and loss of hair prevention

Helen answers:


Possessing dense and luxuriant mane covering the scalp is the dream of us all. However, very often this dream is eclipsed by the nightmare of large scale hair loss. It brings with it worries and depression. We start to desperately look for ways and means to check this menace completely or at least curb it.

It may be mentioned that a certain rate of hair fall i.e. Loss of a number of hair strands per day is normal. However, when it exceeds a certain limit then it becomes a cause of concern and is considered as a problem.

Causes of hair loss and their remedies

The causes of hair loss may be many. Very often some internal malady may be the root cause. This needs to be ascertained. Bringing into effect the proper preventive treatments can stop hair loss even before it begins by detecting the symptoms. Diseases like lupus or diabetes are a cause for hair loss. The hair loss serves as an early indication of the disease. The hair loss gets treated alongside the treatment of the disease.

Hair loss can also be the side effect of certain medication. When the administration of such medicines producing hair loss is discontinued the hair loss also stops.

Lack of proper nutrition- inadequate intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. May cause hair loss. Ensuring proper nutrition usually checks such hair loss.

As after effect of a major surgery or illness you may lose much hair. However, this loss is considered to be temporary and is associated to the illness or stress borne by the surgical operation carried out. Post pregnancy hair loss is also commonly heard of. This is due to some temporary hormonal changes which soon ceases. Otherwise the help of a doctor is required.

Hormonal imbalances may result in hair loss. The malfunctioning of the thyroid glands may cause hair loss. Attending to the particular type of hormonal problem and adequate treatment provided for it helps overcome the excessive hair loss too.

Treatments of hair loss are carried out as per the nature and correct cause of the problem. A proper diagnosis which may include blood tests and biopsy needs to be done for detecting the problem.

Hair loss arising from some infection of the scalp can be treated as per prescription from a doctor. Medicines are available for retarding or preventing the development of baldness by hair loss. It takes some time to find out the efficacy of such drugs.

It must be borne in mind that there is a hereditary factor too which may be working behind hair loss and baldness. This is also observed to be more prevalent in case of men. This is not easy to counteract.

It may be that no suitable treatment can stop the hair loss and baldness develops. In such cases persons concerned about their personal beauty and aesthetics with regards to their crowning glory may opt for a wig or a hairpiece. New techniques of hair grafting and hair weaving can also be sought resort to.

Hair turns white when the hair follicle does not produce the colour pigment anymore. The reason for this is largely genetic. Some people just have white hair earlier than others. There is nothing you can do about it, except perhaps dye it.

Donald asks…

Anyone experience negative side effects while on seasonique birth control? ?

I’m on my fourth week of my three month pack. For the past two weeks I’ve been experiencing heavy bloating and intense cramping that’s keeping me up at night, lower back pain and headaches. I know this can be normal side effects while on birth control, but if any of you experienced them did they ever subside, or did you eventually switch birth control?
And also, has anyone experienced any weight gain, hair loss, or acne??
I’m hoping these side effects are only temporary and will soon go away.. Any help or advice from anyone who is or has been on seasonique is greatly appreciated.
I have not experienced any weight gain, hair loss or acne but read on a different site where many users claimed to have those side effects while on seasonique.
Also please no vague answers, i really want to gain more insight on the side effects experienced while on this birth control.

Helen answers:

If the pain is on the side,
kidney problems from diabetes? Avoid sugar.
Get the a1c test.

Betty asks…

what is the full name of Acid Phos?

Its an Homoeopathic Medicine.
Where can I get it in UK? or online?

Helen answers:

Phosphoric Acid (ACID PHOS)

The common acid “debility” is very marked in this remedy, producing a nervous exhaustion. Mental debility first; later physical. A congenial soil for the action of Phos acid is found in young people who grow rapidly, and who are overtaxed, mentally or physically. Whenever the system has been exposed to the ravages of acute disease, excesses, grief, loss of vital fluids, we obtain conditions calling for it. Pyrosis, flatulence, diarrhœa, diabetes, rhachitis and periosteal inflammation. Neurosis in stump, after amputation. Hæmorrhages in typhoid. Useful in relieving pain of cancer.

Mind.–Listless. Impaired memory (Anac). Apathetic, indifferent. Cannot collect his thoughts or find the right word. Difficult comprehension. Effects of grief and mental shock. Delirium, with great stupefaction. Settled despair.

Head.–Heavy; confused. Pain as if temples were crushed together. Worse, shaking or noise. Crushing headache. Pressure on top. Hair gray early in life; falls out. Dull headache after coition; from eye-strain (Nat m). Vertigo toward evening, when standing or walking. Hair thins out, turns gray early.

Eyes.–Blue rings around. Lids inflamed and cold. Pupils dilated. Glassy appearance. Averse to sunlight; sees colors as if a rainbow. Feel too large. Amblyopia in masturbators. Optic nerves seem torpid. Pain as if eyeballs were forcibly pressed together and into head.

Ears.–Roaring, with difficult hearing. Intolerant of noise.

Nose.–Bleeding. Bores fingers into nose. Itching.

Mouth.–Lips dry, cracked. Bleeding gums; retract from teeth. Tongue swollen, dry, with viscid, frothy mucus. Teeth feel cold. At night, bites tongue in voluntarily.

Face.–Pale, earthy; feeling of tension as from dried albumen. Sensation of coldness of one side of face.

Stomach.–Craves juicy things. Sour risings. Nausea. Symptoms following sour food and drink. Pressure as from a weight, with sleepiness after eating (Fel tauri). Thirst for cold milk.

Abdomen.–Distention and fermentation in bowels. Enlarged spleen (Ceanoth). Aching in umbilical region. Loud rumbling.

Stool.–Diarrhœa, white, watery, involuntary, painless, with much flatus; not specially exhausting. Diarrhœa in weakly, delicate rachitic children.

Urine.–Frequent, profuse, watery, milky. Diabetes. Micturition, preceded by anxiety and followed by burning. Frequent urination at night. Phosphaturia.

Male.–Emissions at night and at stool. Seminal vesiculitis (Oxal acid). Sexual power deficient; testicles tender and swollen. Parts relax during embrace (Nux). Prostatorrhœa, even when passing a soft stool. Eczema of scrotum. Œdema of prepuce, and swollen glans-penis. Herpes preputialis. Sycotic excrescences (Thuja).

Female.–Menses too early and profuse, with pain in liver. Itching; yellow leucorrhœa after menses. Milk scanty; health deteriorated from nursing.

Respiratory.–Chest troubles develop after brain-fag. Hoarseness. Dry cough from tickling in chest. Salty expectoration. Difficult respiration. Weak feeling in chest from talking (Stann). Pressure behind the sternum, rendering breathing difficult.

Heart.–Palpitation in children who grow too fast; after grief, self-abuse. Pulse irregular, intermittent.

Back.–Boring pain between scapulæ. Pain in back and limbs, as if beaten.

Extremities.–Weak. Tearing pains in joints, bones, and periosteum. Cramps in upper arms and wrists. Great debility. Pains at night, as if bones were scraped. Stumbles easily and makes missteps. Itching, between fingers or in folds of joints.

Skin.–Pimples, acne, blood-boils. Ulcers, with very offensive pus. Burning red rash. Formication in various parts. Falling out of the hair (Nat mur; Selen). Tendency to abscess after fevers.

Sleep.–Somnolency. Lascivious dreams with emissions.

Fever.–Chilliness. Profuse sweat during night and morning. Low types of fever, with dull comprehension ans stupor.

Modalities.–Better, from keeping warm. Worse, exertion, from being talked to; loss of vital fluids; sexual excesses. Everything impeding circulation causes aggravation of symptoms.

Relationship.–Compare: Œnothera biennis-Evening primrose–(Effortless diarrhœa with nervous exhaustion. Incipient hydrocephaloid. Whooping-cough and spasmodic asthma). Nectranda amare (Watery diarrhœa, dry tongue, colic, bluish ring around sunken eyes, restless sleep). China; Nux. Pic ac; Lactic ac; Phos.

Antidotes: Coffea.

Dose.–First potency 1X
Try the sites given in this answer there are a lot of Pharmacy numbers there too someone worked hard to provide me this informatiuon for which I am thankful :-;_ylt=AmoxJ6XNBkMsjR_pFPXnySbsy6IX?qid=20060803152648AAGFqcM

I hope it solves your problem !
Take care and God Bless you !

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