Thomas asks…

Graves Disease Treatment……Radio Active Iodine???

My Dr.’s next step in treatment since PTU hasn’t done anything for me after 6 months… to go with the Radio Active Iodine treatment. This will take me form Hyper to Hypo. My Doc keeps saying don’t try to have kids for at least two years. And also he mentions that with being Hypo there is a possibility that I could gain alot of weight….like upwards of 100 plus lbs.

Has any one experieneced this? Is Radio Active Iodine safe……will I be able to have kids in the future? Does being Hypo mean fat city………is it possible to live with GD if my doc and I can find a dosage that works. Right now I’m up to nine pills of ptu a day.

Helen answers:

Hypo does not mean fat city, but you will have to modify your diet and exercise more. You have to think of it like your body’s metabolism will slow way down. Obviously, your doc will give you medication to hopefully get you into the euthyroid catagory, where you’re not hyper and you’re not hypo. I’m going through a thyroidectomy next week for hyperactive thyroid and suspicious nodules. The results of a thyroidectomy are inevidable hypothyroidism. I will be on Synthroid for the rest of my life….Radio active Iodine will kill your thyroid. It’s also dangerous to those around you. Kids, significant other, etc…. I had the choice of surgery or iodine treatment for mine. I chose surgery because I have a young son. They told me it would be no prob to have children after radioactive treatment, but obviously you’ll want to wait until the iodine is out of your system. The thing about radioactive iodine is that most of it is concentrated in your thyroid not in your skin or blood. It may be the best idea for you. Honestly, from what I’ve been told, you can not live with Graves forever. You’ll just need more and more medication. Whatever you do, I feel your pain and wish you the best of luck!!!!!

William asks…

Hyperthyroid/Graves Disease treatment options?

I am 24 years old and have recently been diagnosed with this condition after starting to display symptoms of it three years ago. I discussed the treatment options with my doctor and while I know that I’ve got to do something about it, all three options that he mentioned sort of scare me. I do not want to make any sort of hasty decision and give the okay to eliminate an important organ from my body forever, but I also do not want to take a chance on a treatment that could produce negative effects. Is there no completely safe way around this? I have been shown to have an overactive, enlarged thyroid with no nodules. My doctor wants me to go through with RAI, but I do not look forward to becoming hypo. Is there no option that could just make me normal again, instead of trading one extreme for another? =(

Helen answers:

I don’t blame you for not wanting to add another disease (hypothyroidism) to your repertoire. With RAI, you just end up with Grave’s disease, plus hypothyroidism. RAI is not a cure for Grave’s disease, no matter what your doctor may say to try to talk you into it. Don’t do it. You will still have Grave’s disease after RAI. RAI only treats one symptom of Grave’s disease – the hyperthyroidism. I doesn’t do anything for the other symptoms, or for the disease itself.

All you need is methimizole – a simple, cheap, generic, prescription medication. Don’t believe any of the scare tactics your doctor will use to frighten you away from the methimizole and into RAI. If you have a reaction to the methimizole, you just stop taking it. It’s as simple as that. And there is still another medication available, PTU, in case you are the one in a million who can’t take methimizole. Everyone can take one of these two medications. Now, if you have a bad reaction to RAI, what do you do? Learn to live with it. There is no going back once you have RAI.

Charles asks…

hyperthyrodism-graves disease treatment guaranteed?

i took my thyroid test and i specifically told the doctor that i wanted a freeT4 test included because i am on birthcontrol pill but at the end of the result all i see is a free t4index of 2.4 and tsh- 0.05 ..
he told me my results were normal. i know that i have hyperthyroidism. pls can someone tell me any guaranteed pill they used that balance out the hyperthyroidism? i realy do not want to go from hyperthyroidsm to hypothyroidism. i dont have insurance of yet to get prescribed medication. any advise is appreciated

btw**** one word of advice- my thyroid problems is as a result of a serious infection herpes i have had for two years. make sure you taking your medications..i never did cus i never really broke out but now i see why you have to take your medications regularly. thyroid problems is acused by serious infections and i forget the second one.

Helen answers:

There are two antithyroid drugs methimazole and propylthiouracil, they reduce thyroid hormones in the body. You wouldn’t go from hyper to hypo if your dose is correct. I’m sure there is some sort of clinic or medical place that will provide you these drugs at little or no costs. You could also try contacting the drug manufacturer and see if they can reduce the costs. Good luck

Steven asks…

Graves Disease and Treatment?

Is 14 too young for radio active iodine treatment. My daughter has been on medicine (10 mg 1 x a day) for about 6 years and the doctor would like to do the RAI. She is doing ok on the meds so why do the RAI is my question? Any thoughts?

Helen answers:

Yes, i have graves too, and only take a low dose med. I’m not sure about children with graves, but i do know a web site where you can get your questions answered. It’s the one i use often.

Richard asks…

I have graves disease. I had the radio idione treatment done. How did I lose weight now?

I have tried alot of weight loss pills, but they only give me stomach pains. I have gained over 40 pounds since the treatment. I cannot lose the weight. HELP!

Helen answers:

I have Graves also. I am on the medication still though, almost over a year. I still have not found an effective way to lose the weight. Your body is really off balance right now though.

Make sure you keep taking the thyroid replacement! This is very important!

But, just eating healthy and exercising should help. I have found myself that more of a vegetairion diet helps, however limit, if not stop eating soy products. The soy has an fiber in it that binds to the fibers of the thyriod replacement and makes the medication go right through your system without helping.

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