Carol asks…

surgery after graves’ disease?

I am a 33 year old, healthy woman. I am now hypothyroid after having 2 RAI treatments to kill my thyroid and my levels are normal. I had hypothyroidism and Graves‘ for at least 7 years, so my eyes were pretty bad. Now that I have been “normal” for the past 2 years, my eyes have gotten better, until recently. I was rubbing under my left eye, accidentally moved the lower lid too far and my eyeball fell out. Nothing was injured, I was treated for an infection and that’s it. The worst part is that I can’t sleep, I worry that it will come out again, and I’m so very tired of it. How do I convince my doctor and opthalmologist that I really do need surgery although I’m “not a severe enough case” to them?I appreciate any advice or help you can give me.

Helen answers:

If you have problem with your Doctor and Ophthalmologists decisions, you are entitled to a second opinion. I can see where you are concerned.

Betty asks…

Graves’ disease?

have you been through treatment?

Helen answers:

I was treated with medicine for grave’s disease…i don’t have health insurance, and was not able to afford the radioactive iodine, if that’s what you’re asking about….i was on a beta blocker (to ease symptoms), and another medicine (methimazole)…i took them for several months…it made me gain the 40 pounds i lost (which i didn’t need back), and it got my heart back to a normal rate…i actually think i have hypothyroidism now…instead of “curing” it, i think it just made it do a 180 degree turnabout….i kind of miss the grave’s…i loved all the energy i had….i loved dropping 40 pounds….and i liked feeling great…i don’t miss the hotflashes, and heart palpatations

Helen asks…

Thyroid disorders and hair loss. What is common and does anything help?

I was diagnosed with Graves disease early this year and underwent the radiation treatment for the disease. Now that they are adjusting my medicine I am finding that my hair is falling out a lot. They say that there are certain shampoos out there that help. Does anyone have any advice to prevent the hairloss?

Helen answers:

I have that problem. I was tested for Lupas and Thyroid Disease. And i was fine. But then checked for low Iron and found out i have Anemia and that was the problem. I take Iron pills and a Multi-vitamin pill everyday.

Eat healthy and take a multi-vitamin.
Get good sleep also.

Thomas asks…

Is Grave’s disease permanent and does the age of the patient define the treatment and chance of cure?

Helen answers:

Grave’s Disease is an autoimmune disease that will fluctuate on and off throughout a person’s life. Age doesn’t really effect the cure (which usually consists of either surgery, radiation, or medication). It’s not a serious disease, and is pretty common in young women.

Chris asks…

I have been diagnosed with Grave Disease?

for the 2nd time. The first time a doctor put me on medication but i had some blood tests done the other day and its come back again. I have to go to hospital and get a iodine treatment. My thyroid is overactive.

Once the treatment stops the problem will it affect my chances of conception or fertility?

Helen answers:

This won’t affect your fertility. You will probably be on Synthroid for the rest of your life and will have to get that regulated but you will start feeling much better soon.

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