Charles asks…

How to gain weight if you have a very very fast metabolism ?

Helen answers:

Get your thyroid checked if you are hyper thyroid it is almost impossible to gain weight, if you have bulging eyes you have graves disease, you may need tapazole, carbimazole or propylthiouracil

Steven asks…

Did you get really pale skin with hypothyroidism?

I recently found out I have hypothyroidism I noticed my skin has recently (last 6 months) got really really pale. You can see a lot of my veins especially in my thighs and legs, did anyone else notice this? I know the “common” symptoms and signs of hypo but what were some uncommon ones you noticed? Thanks :)

Helen answers:


Here are some of the possibles:
Low energy and fatigue or tiredness, especially in the morning, difficulty losing weight, a sensation of coldness–especially of the hands and feet, depression, slowness of thought processes, headaches, swelling of the face or fluid retention in general, dry coarse skin, brittle nails, stiffness of joints, muscular cramps, shortness of breath on exertion, and chest pain, and chronic constipation are common. In women, menstrual problems–such as PMS and menstrual irregularities including heavy periods and fertility problems are further signs and symptoms. Disorders associated with hypothyroidism include headaches, migraines, sinus infections, post-nasal drip, visual disturbances, frequent respiratory infections, difficulty swallowing, heart palpitations, indigestion, gas, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, frequent bladder infections, infertility, reduced libido and sleep disturbances, with the person requiring 12 or more hours of sleep at times. Other conditions include intolerance to cold, poor circulation, Raynaud’s Syndrome, which involves the hands and feet turning white in response to cold, allergies, asthma, heart problems, benign and malignant tumors, cystic breasts and ovaries, fibroids, dry skin, acne, fluid retention, loss of memory, depression, mood swings, fears, and joint and muscle pain.
The hair tends to be dry, brittle and thinning. The outer third of the eyebrows is often missing. One often finds swelling under the eyes. The tongue is often thick and swollen. The skin may be rough, dry and flaky and show evidence of acne. The skin may also have a yellowish tinge due to high carotene in it. Nails tend to be brittle and break easily. The thyroid gland may be enlarged. The patient is more often overweight. Hands and feet are frequently cold to the touch. Reflexes are either slow or absent. The pulse rate is often slow.
The average temperature is below 97.8 Fahrenheit.

There are even more than these….the thyroid, like the heart, effects everything in your body!

TSH ‘norm’ should be .3 – 3 (w/ most feeling best at < 2) but, for diagnosis, would not matter if ANTIBODIES are present. Indicative of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (cycles between hyper & hypo at start)…main cause of HypOthyroid & is worse (…OR Graves Disease – HypERthyroid).

WARNING: Doctors seem not to want to find/treat thyroid disease. You may have to go to more than one doctor before you get the right tests, interpretation, and treatment. Best wishes.

Ck these:

God bless

Richard asks…

Is anyone else disappointed with humanity?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that humans disgust me. And i don’t say that to seem like some sort of psychopath that thinks highly of myself because i don’t, but the way we carry about our lives is pretty barbaric. The self centered way of thinking that the majority of people have, The way we deal with massive problems, The way we turn a blind eye to preventable conditions. I myself am guilty of this behavior. There have been many times were I’ve caught myself in the middle of certain situations and wondered what was wrong with me. I have felt the the desire for wealth, status, and other things that when looked at from different perspectives have no actual meaning or value in life. I know its not just me. I look around and see different people that have that same drive and desire in life. But it seems that material possessions have lost their luster to me. I don’t care to someday end up owning the most expensive car anymore. I don’t care to have clothing that show my wealth anymore. but i also don’t care work myself into a grave. i don’t want to live a wasted life. but what else is there? and that’s exactly what bothers me. Instead focusing our resources on things that actually matter like finding cures for diseases to lessen the suffering of our sick, or making education more readily available to people to further improve technologies that could potentially change the world, we wage war over territories that don’t even belong to anyone at all, with our own species. We actively kill each other with the hopes of accomplishing what? to ensure that we have a guaranteed hold on to resources that belong to everyone? to promote peace through violence? it just seems like everything is profit motivated. no one is concerned about anyone other than themselves and the select few they hold close. These are the kind of things that have been keeping me up at night. and i don’t really know what Im looking for, if im looking for anything at all. I just feel an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. and its not depression. Im not suffering from any type of illness, i don’t need to see a psychiatrist. i dont need religion nor do i wish to have it. and i truly do feel that i am happy in all other aspects of my life. but this has just been nagging at me for several days. the change im looking for in the world is most likely not going to come any time soon if ever. and i dont really know who to talk to about these sort of things to. i dont know too many 18 year olds that think about these things and most other people i know would simply explain to me that “god will take care of it”. which is not what im looking for at all considering that i dont believe in any. i just feel lost. is there anyone else that has gone through this? what conclusion could anyone come up with to put their mind at ease?

Helen answers:

I must admit; you have a very depthful thinking and brooding approach to this. I actually admire it, even though I’m usually very observant of the world and willing to help others, I haven’t looked into the topic of today’s society very deeply.

Nevertheless, here’s my opinion and answer:

Yes, humans are in a striving will to survive and support themselves, to fend, hunt their wishful desires and needs first. I feel that as the decades and centuries pass, I agree that we’ve become more independent as a generation. Empathy, compassion and thoughtfulness have gradually diminished, especially in the younger populous of teenagers. Things such as bullying, rape, murder, stealing, suicide and other selfish crimes are soaring, which disgusts me.

We are living in a corrupted world, full of delusion and greed, but the only thing we can do, is contribute the best of us to the world. Do generous acts such as donating money, being friendly, it’s a commitment to a better world. Even if you simply help someone with a small chore, that takes a weighing burden of their shoulders, which they will be thankful for. If you pass it on, it may turn into a domino affect. If your children, family and others see this from you, they may start doing it too, whether it’s unknowingly or on purpose.

Also, not everyone is a selfish as you describe. Some people are very noble and loyal in terms of helping the world around them, yet get no recognition.

I’m glad you are not materialistic or selfish(as you claim). Great quality to own, I must say. I’m still an adventurous shopaholic, lol.

– Natasha

PS: Please put paragraphs. It’s hard to read without them :)

David asks…

what kind of drug makes your eyeballs pop out alot ?

my friend smokes some drug and she told me thats why her eyeballs popout
is cause when her mom was preg with her she took drugs? or is it her fault cause of the type of drugs she takes ?

Helen answers:

It may not be related to drugs at all. It can sometimes be a family trait. It can be caused by a thyroid problem. Hyperthyroidism (particularly Graves disease) is the most common cause of bulging eyes. With this condition, the eyes don’t blink very often and seem to have a staring quality.

Generally the causes are:

Graves disease
Hyperthyroidism caused by medications for other conditions
Orbital cellulitis or periorbital cellulitis

Mandy asks…

How is the Fall out boy concert experience?

I’ve been in love with Fall out boy ever since take this to your grave and i’m going to one of their concerts in 18 days! it’s the 1st one and I wanted to know how it was. Like do their interact with their hardcore fans? Just tell me your experience there please =]

Helen answers:

Ahh, me too! I’m going June 14th… Anyways..

I’ve been to two Fall Out Boy concerts (Black Clouds an Underdogs tour & FOE tour)… They are absolutely AMAZING live! :)
Pete normally jumps in the crowd… I’m not sure if he does it EVERYWHERE, but be expecting it.. Cause’ he might. Umm, and oh! The thing that amazed me most was probably when they played songs off of Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, cause’ nobody knew them except for the diehard fans.. And that’s how they knew which ones were their real fans. They will keep your eyes GLUED to them the whole set.When they walk on stage, its almost as if your a robot, because your mind tells you to scream as loud as you can, jump as high as you can, and your mouth automatically sings the lyrics. It’s almost like a…hardcore FOB fan disease. Lol, I don’t really know if you get what I mean just yet, but when you go, you will see what I am talking about…its an amazing feeling being at one of their concerts..especially if you’ve been with them for that long! :)


— You see a prep. –
If you see a prep, do not care if you accidentally hit them in the face.. Or bump their.. ‘perfect’ hair. I was thiiiiis close to being at the front of the stage, when 3 preppy girls appeared. They kept rolling their eyes.. So I just pushed them, and they moved, lol.

You will enjoy it X a million..

But if you have any more questions, you can message me :]

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