Nancy asks…

I exercise and eat super healthy, why can’t I loose weight?

I am 26, F, 5’4. I was always 155/60 llbs in high school and into college but was a size 6. I obviously know I wasn’t fat and the weight never bothered me. I knew it was due to my strict healthy diet and workouts that stemmed from sports in high school that made me have lots of muscle mass. Well fast forward to 2008 when I had a traumatic experience that made me shed, over a month (too fast I know) down to 131 pounds/size 2-4. I was obviously not healthy and once that was over I put back on weight over the next six months back up to my “normal” range. That being said, I am no longer a size 6-8. I was a 12 and now I am down to a 10 due to lots of working out, drinking water & green tea, juicing and low carb diets. I can’t seem to loose another pound!!! I do have “splurge” nights once a week where I can have a dessert, or some wine, or pizza but it’s never unreasonable gorging.
I get yearly physicals and blood work and up till my last one had impeccable BAC, hormones (thyroid, my mother has graves disease), BP, etc.

Any thoughts on why I literally can’t lose any weight? I know I have 20 llbs of fat to lose, why isn’t it coming off?
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Helen answers:

Hehe, I like your additional details.

That being said, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it wasn’t the exercise or juicing that helped you lose those 2 sizes. It was the carbohydrate restriction. Exercise can actually impede weight loss. Carbohydrate ingestion is the number one cause for weight gain. The main reason is that when you eat any carbohydrate, it converts to glucose. This glucose enacts an insulin response which pushes your fatty acids to storage. This is why people get fat – over time individuals have their insulin resistance built up. Insulin is blocked by normal cells from distributing glucose. However, fat has no problem continuing to take in more fatty acids.

I suggest you do some reading to find out about what you need to do. You’ll also learn why some things don’t work – it will all make sense.

Good luck to you!

Charles asks…

I need some advice.?

My friend has a very extensive medical background. She has no thyroid, no female organs, she has Graves disease, she has Disk Degenerative Disease, paralysis in both ankles, and she has no gal bladder. She is only 30 years old…and I am truly fearing for her. She gets Xanax, Oxycodone, Norcos (hydrocodone), Ambien, Flexiril, Synthroid, and some diet pill. She has OD’ed 3 or 4 times, the last time because she took 40 miligrams of Xanax. She will not stay in rehab, and to top it all off, she is going through a divorce where both of her kids may be taken away because of the drugs. She has been really messed on pills since Friday, and I don’t know what to do. Her parents seem to not care, and nobody is there for her except me and her neice.
Today she is talking clearly, but what shes talking about is off the wall stuff like about her daughters that are not there. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

Helen answers:

Sorry to hear that.. The best thing would be for you and her neice to do what she might not think she needs, and that’s to get help. Maybe not a full rehab, but partial where she doesn’t live there, but has to go 2 or 3 times a day. Something that will just maintain some sort of constant. Hope that idea helps a little, and I hope things get better.

William asks…

My metabolism isn’t making any sense?

I lift weights/run 3-5 times a week. My diet is very limited, and includes only hearty foods (no candy/excessively fatty foods/nothing fried). While on this lifestyle, I maintain a weight, and do not lose anything (which is the ultimate goal).

Then, if I stop working out, and start eating garbage (yesterday my meal was a bag of candy and a serving of ramen. Then 6 beers), I lose weight. I don’t understand how it is possible, but it happens every time. I went home from college a few weeks ago, and I did not lift weights the entire time I was home. Every meal was some form of fast food. During the week I was home, I lost seven pounds.

My doctor believes I have Graves Disease, but the results of the blood tests have not come back yet. Please help me understand what my body is doing, and why I cannot lose weight when my diet and exercise patterns are good, but then do lose weight when I start eating horribly/not exercising.

Helen answers:

When you are running & your diet is limited, you probably aren’t eating enough calories & your metabolism adjusts, so you don’t lose weight.

You stop working out, eat garbage & you have this huge influx of calories without a huge need for calories & your body finally releases fat stores. This is still a reaction to the previous period. (I believe) if you had been eating sufficient calories then you would have lost the weight previously.

If you continue on, not working out & eating garbage, you will catch up & at first not gain weight, but you will later.

What you do or eat today doesn’t show up *today* but it will in the future. There is always a lag period. This is common & people think – screw it all that work & eating right, maybe I should just stick to Cheetos & it seems to work for awhile. Then the metabolism slows & the fat storage gears up, it just takes awhile.

This is all just my theory & has no basis in your personal health or situation. If you have Graves Disease or any other health condition, I would advise you to fuel your body with nutritious healthy foods to bring it to a state of optimal health.

Jenny asks…

Using oxy elite pro with euthyrox?

I had graves disease, and i had a total thyroidectomy done… I gained alot of weight after the operation, now i adjusted my diet and I increased my workout sessions, and i’m able to maintain my weight, but i got stuck with some extra fat around the torso that im struggling to remove i looked into fat burners and got me oxy elite pro, since it was the only one available but i saw some caution for people who have thyroid. I’m taking 100 mg euthyrox daily to make up for the removed thyroid hormones. and i was wondering if it was safe to take the oxy elite pro and whats the best dose, since i already have 2-3 cups of coffee a day in my diet.

Helen answers:

Well I don’t know what elite pro euthyrox is, but shouldn’t you be taking drugs unless they are prescribed from the Dr. For thyroid (isn’t it thyroxine?) if the fat is a result of your thyroid, then all it should take is an increase in your medication doses. Go and see your G.P about this. Otherwise its simply a matter of diet and exercise I’m afraid.

Sharon asks…

I hit my head, should I go back to the doctor?

On Friday, I had gone with my friend to comfort her while she had a mole removed. I didn’t watch, just held her hand while the doctor operated on her neck. I stood there for maybe 5 minutes before I stepped forward in a daze and woke up on the floor. I learned that I had blacked out and my chin had broke my fall (I’m glad I wasn’t awake to feel that).
My friend’s doctor checked my jaw and made sure that it wasn’t broken, he then made me drink some water and I went home with just a sore chin and half a bruised lip. That following night, I had experienced the same symptoms I had before I passed out earlier that day. So I laid down on my couch. My roommate came home just in time and he took me to the hospital. The doctors checked my blood since I have graves disease, and checked my jaw to see if it was broken. Appearing fine, I was then sent home, but I still feel dizzy and fatigued. I get headaches, which I usually never get and when I push myself too much I immediately become lightheaded and need to sit down. I haven’t done anything with my diet or changed my lifestyle. My friend is suggesting I go to the hospital again, but I just don’t know if I should or not.
I think something may have happened to my head since I hit my chin pretty hard that day. Should I go see a doctor again? Or just rest for a while?

Helen answers:

Diabetes causes dizziness and fatigue, avoid sugar and high amounts of carbohydrates. Check your blood sugar.

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